What is Livid Technology?

What is “Livid Technology”?

Technology will make or break the modern enterprise; it can be fierce, unforgiving, livid. There are major communication gaps in the majority of IT organizations between the executives, middle management, infrastructure technicians and development. Silos need to be dissolved, not just east and west in the datacenter, but north and south in the organization itself. Technology can be put in check with the right talent – specialists that understand the languages of Executives, Infrastructure and Coding. We are not a staffing firm, with “fast-food” recruiting; we are a strategic partner, of IT specialists and subject matter experts, that each have a proven track record of delivering satisfaction in the Fortune 1000.

Technical Specialties:

Virtualization and Cloud Service Delivery, Infrastructure Design and Engineering, Application Architecture, Orchestration, BCDR, IT Operations (Governance – People, Policy, Process), Technical Training, Recruiting, PreSales, Team and Vendor Management.


Technical knowledge only benefits the business when applied properly to meet the end goal. Knowing the white papers and code are just small pieces of the puzzle. There is always something to learn. Transparency wins over smoke and mirrors; humility is better than pride – these qualities are essential for change, growth and success. Selling is honest after you master a trade skill. Soft Skills: Fluent in executive and technical dialogue, we can bridge the communication gaps, which mitigate risks to the business, eliminating silos. We are confident on hitting the mark, from Fortune 10 to Small Enterprise.


Complete satisfaction does not have to be sacrificed with technological endeavors. The undisciplined need rules. Execution and performance measure success. A proactive approach is the only successful kind. By demonstrating integrity with our delivery services, we ensure optimal success with our customers’ IT investments.